We launch our new community website

Welcome to the new look community based Chimanimani website. There are four main objectives for the introduction of this new website.

Primarily it is aimed at providing an online forum / meeting place for people who live in Chimanimani or who have a connection with the village and the mountains. This is where we can share our news, an opportunity to vent and an opportunity to praise the positive things that take place in the village, events that shape our lives and otherwise impact on our community.

Secondly the website will give all local businesses a platform to detail the products and services they offer. We may extend the radius for these businesses from Chipinge through to Mutare – because we all need to trade among ourselves in the Eastern Highlands. And we invite all local businesses to get involved and sign up today.

Thirdly the website is intended to promote tourism in Chimanimani and beyond. That’s why we include information on the Vumba, Hot Springs, Gonarezhou and Great Zimbabwe. We’d like tourists to know there are some wonderful places to visit in our area and to incorporate these other tourism areas in their travel plans. We hope that the related tourist associations will similarly include Chimanimani on their websites (hint hint). Let’s promote and develop tourism for this entire region – the benefits are extensive and tourist dollars spent inevitably impact directly on our community.

Fourthly and finally – the website has this news section where we intend to share news and updates on what’s happening in and around the village. There’s not much news reporting on Chimanimani in the media and we’d like to see that improve. The better informed we are the better we are able to respond to changes, both positive and negative. In this regard we invite the Chimanimani Rural District Council to take advantage of this platform as a means to keep the community informed about the important work they do.

News and developments around the village and in the mountains should be shared for the benefit of all. If we can open debate around topics that are important to our village and community then we’ll consider this project a success.

Naturally there will be negative elements involved in this journey of opening up discussion and information and we hope that this will be offset by the benefits. This project is intended to bring positive developments but inevitably there will be those who abuse the platform. On all channels, Community, Business Directory, Tourism and News there will be moderators and any abuse of any kind may lead to particular users being banned from the platform. But let’s not go there at this time – rather lets embrace an opportunity to engage with everyone who shares our view of a happy, prosperous, well informed and empowered community.

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  1. silence samhiri 2 years ago

    thank you for the love of CHIMANIMANI

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